Saturday, June 19, 2010

37 weeks

Weekly doctors appointments seem to come around really often these days. I was back at the doctor yesterday and it was a very brief visit but I learned the plan that my doc has in mind. She told me that she won't allow me to go past July 22 to have Korbyn...helloooo!! My dute date is July 8 and I am already super uncomfortable! Well when she said that my facial expression must have said it all because she immediatly told me that by that time she would have already been strongly encouraging me to be induced. I told her that she wouldn't have to "strongly" encourage because I am ready right now. She did tell me that the earliest that she would be willing to make anything happen for me is the first week of July; well that's not that far off so I can manage until then, but there's always that possibility that it could happen on it's own a little sooner.
I will be returning next Friday and she will do the first check of my cervix to see where I am at that point. She was willing to do it yesterday but because I have this fear that it will make me go into labor, I asked her to hold off because I have a few more things I need to finish up at work before having Korbyn. She told me to get to work and finish everything up and she would see me back next Friday.

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Bolcerek Family said...

How about some side-ways shots of you. You used to MAKE us turn to the side and take our pictures monthly (or it seemed like weekly) when we were prego. Now it's your turn.